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Real weight loss starts with real food. By following our special diet plan and taking specific nutraceuticals, you can lose weight naturally without any prescription medications or hormones.

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As a natural weight loss clinic with over 20 years of experience, our staff of experts approach your weight loss goals from a total health perspective.

Our revolutionary weight loss program challenges conventional wisdom about weight loss and promises lasting results for patients. Keep the weight off for good with our innovative weight loss program.

Are you currently experiencing:
Increasing body mass and obesity?
Trouble maintaining a diet?
Sleep apnea?
High blood pressure?
Constant low energy and fatigue?

All consultations are discreet and confidential. Your comfort and privacy is our priority.

All-Natural Weight Loss

We don't use prescription medications because we simply know that there's a better, healthier alternative to weight loss. We take a holistic approach that resets the whole body so you can jumpstart your cells with more energy and fat burning potential.

Complete Meal Planning

As a part of our weight loss program, you will receive a personalized nutritional dietary plan. Learn which foods to avoid, and which foods will help you get the weight off.

24/7 Online Support Groups

Unlike most other programs, our weight loss program utilizes online support groups through Facebook where you can share advice, ask questions and stay motivated.

Proprietary Nutraceuticals

We use a series of proprietary products over the course of your prescribed program to reset your metabolism. These products are safe and natural and have not shown to cause any side effects.

Spokane Weight Loss Clinic Experience

Our focus is on providing you the highest level of service and maintaining our client???s privacy.

  • Complete meal plans, including specific nutraceuticals to reset your metabolism.
  • Expert supervision and counseling with frequent check-ins.
  • Top rated natural weight loss provider.
  • Welcoming, supportive, and stress-free community.

Experts in Natural Weight Loss

With over 20 years of natural weight loss experience, we understand that telling an individual to eat less when they are overweight is equivalent to telling a person with asthma to stop wheezing. And, just as a diabetic or hypertensive person can???t be expected to control his or her disease without a suitable diet, neither should an overweight person.

Using proven dietary plans and special nutraceuticals, we target and treat damaged cells to reduce inflammation so that your body can use the hormones that it naturally produces. Our program is designed to work for you with attainable weight goals. We will provide you with all necessary diet plan information.

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Spokane Weight Loss

The doctors at Spokane Weight Loss have been providing natural healthcare services for 20 years and have a true passion for serving those with health challenges that have not resolved with conventional healthcare.

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